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About TMC

At The Mylk Company we take pride in sourcing from the best. We are proud enthusiasts of non-dairy alternatives to milk and go to lengths to source local naturally derived ingredients that produce delicious, creamy mylk products.


Our Tiger Nut Mylk product is produced in Ghana and derived from the edible tubers of the Cyperus esculentus crop also referred to as tiger nuts.​ We source our tiger nuts from local farmers across Ghana at fair trade market value and ensure that only the finest roots make it to production. 


The result is a creamy, delicious mylk beverage that can be the perfect non-dairy alternative with a versatility and wide range of use. Make the perfect cup of tea or coffee, or add it to your smoothie or try our various ranges and flavors as a refreshing drink. No guilt. It's low in carbs, vegan, nut-free, and considered a superfood. No harm in trying.

Wide angle view of tiger nut plantation
Valence delicious horchata to drink very

“All of our tiger nuts are carefully sourced from Ghana and, and are dried and packed in facilities with the highest standards.”

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